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Okay, some real quick longform about a story the Twitter folk were asking me about: Skaggs and Beechers and the day I decided normal T-fueled boys were pretty damn stupid. :)

So. My middle school had a tradition of taking all the 7th-graders out to this lodge called "Camp Fitch" out in the backwoods of Ohio. The camp was owned by the Kiwanis or Freemasons or Rothschilds or something, and they let us rent it once a year as our winter field trip. There was horseriding and archery and communal showering and all the things that make a small pudgy outcast nerd's life just goddamn delightful. And there was no snow that year, which means we couldn't actually DO half the things at camp that would have actually been fun.

So we were already a little restless.

Well, there were three residential lodges at Camp Fitch, one big one and two small ones. Each year, they swapped off whether the boys or the girls would get the big lodge, and they split the other gender between the small ones. That year, it was "us" boys. Half of us went to Skaggs Lodge, the rest to Beecher's.

It was not FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES before the boys had split up into two hostile factions, based on their heartfelt commitments to the ideals and traditions of the lodge they'd been arbitrarily assigned fifteen minutes ago. One side started chanting "Beechers suck! Beechers suck!" and the other returned with "Skaggs are fags! Skaggs are fags!" Some of these people had been friends for years, but the moment they were given a different flag to wave, they were enemies. It tells you something about me that I don't remember to this day which lodge I was in.

Yeah. Things got out of hand. Kids were throwing rocks and fists. The fucking adolescent reprobate RAs were actually ENCOURAGING this little Lord of the Flies pageant. It got to the point where I couldn't even get any fucking sleep, because the boys kept raiding each other's lodges at 3 am to do petty annoying shit to each other.

There's no climax or resolution to this story, sorry. I was not nearly as assertive at 12 as I am now. I hid from the other kids -- even my "own" lodge -- as much as possible that week. I resolved to spend as much time as possible in the company of horses instead of humans, which may also explain a few things about me. (Thanks, Maggie, you were an admirably quiet and patient friend and I wish I'd been less crap at riding you. <3 ) And that was my first really rounded, philosophical awareness that boys were fucking idiots, especially if you split them into teams and give them flags to wave.

To be fair, I don't doubt there's a Rule 63 universe where I was born XX, the girls got Beechers and Skaggs, and I ended up a transman, because adolescent girls are ALSO fucking crazy and the two lodges still backbit each other to death. But that's not the universe, nor the chromosome, this one of me actually had to live in, so here I am.
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