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I think playing at being an MLP changeling internally and on Twitter has actually been pretty therapeutic for dealing with my "righteous indignation" issues. I started thinking about it after a Wiki crawl, accidentally themed around the all-around shittiness of J Edgar Hoover, reminded me of how much I hate the NYPD right now and want to lash out (verbally) at them.

This was followed by thoughts of how ugly it would be for my whole household and community if any of my darkest revenge fantasies would ever play out -- don't worry, they never will, that's what this is all about. I pondered all the counterculture literature I've read, and how that kind of dumb emotional overreaction is damn near always what brings a good social experiment crashing down.

So being a changeling is turning out to be a fantastic way to accept and embrace my just, healthy resentment of these abusive fuckers in power, without feeling I need to strike to put up a healthy resistance.

Changelings don't strike. Hell, the one time our Queen Mum got caught making a direct assault, we got the spoor kicked out of us, and (headcanon alert) those of us in the scholarly taxons are starting to worry she's rather insane even for a changeling queen.

Because what changelings are really built for is subversion. We don't need to attack the Celestians. We are the Celestians. We will become what the ponies are, and thus inevitably vice-versa. Why the fuck should we fight them, or tell you what we really think of them, when we can just dig a nice warm burrow a few miles out of town and corrode their society over the years?

Well, Celestia. You "saved" your idiot princess and that purple-haired dude -- what's his name, Homestar Runner -- from Plan A? That's nice. Can you save little Sweetie Belle from her new playmate, with the saddlebag full of sticky green candy from her parents? Can you save your protege from her little "owl" fr... I've already said too much.

Or maybe these are just more changeling lies. Maybe our beloved queen risked her life to keep those dumb mammals looking in the wrong direction. Maybe that "expulsion" spell was not from as reliable a magical authority as you thought, Homestar, and it left more changelings inside than out, just like we planned. But we don't even need to lie to ponies, because our very existence is enough to sow paranoia, distraction, and madness among that lot. That's why we hate you, Equestrian fools.

Either way, back to real life, it reminds me that people like me do indeed scare the living fuck out of people like these tribalistic shithead cops. We don't threaten their lives at all, but over the long run, just by living the way we live and NOT STOPPING, we threaten their unexamined way of life. Their grandchildren will look, think, and act nothing like them, this will be largely our doing, and that makes me smile. All we have to do is hide, breed, feed, and stay outta too much trouble.


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