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In other Peeve News, I'm getting pretty fucking irritated that my "Who to follow" now seems to consist purely of incredibly self-righteous, anger-fueled* social justice scolds I don't ever want to talk to. Especially because it's a reminder that their attitudes are slowly seeping into my group of friends and I have to deal with the same frustrating set of ideas and habits on a daily basis.

This is made even more frustrating by the fact I support ~80% of their causes and despise about ~80% of the tactics on display for various reasons of personal history, personal trauma and aversion, and philosophical principle.

Dammit, I want to hear SMART things about identity politics, defiant and novel and incisive things that are about bringing problematic issues into the public eye and analyzing them -- yes even when that analysis tells us things we didn't want to hear -- instead of just slapping another euphemism on them and stuffing them away from polite society. (What a Red Queen's Race! Every few years the old terms become polluted and we "have" to replace them with new ones. It's like doing your fucking laundry four times a day instead of just draining the goddamn mud pit in your living room. >___< )

I want my Social Justice Warriors to be armed with high-tech alien gene-scramblers, not fucking police bludgeons. I want them to be aware of the potential weaknesses and blindspots of their own movement. I want them to accept that criticizing a good cause is the highest form of loyalty to it. And I want to be able to take it for granted that most SJWs I meet will be at least VAGUELY hip to basic concepts like non-dualism and intersubjectivity, not to mention human cognitive biases. I see so many people repeating so many mistakes that the "Good Guys" should be too smart for. I just want SJW to be demonstrably lower in bumbling semantic naivete than its enemies, is that too much to ask?! D:

I am fucking sick of the Glenn Becks and Michael Moores of social justice, with their endless fucking gotchas and rumors and lovingly cherry-picked quotes -- because I was already good and fucking sick of those tactics being used by every other ideological group I thought I could love, from Christians to Marxists to go fuck yourselves.

I loyally await the Connie Dobbses and Leslie Knopes of social justice and I am just not fucking interested in joining any social justice army until they show up and save us from... well, from your goddamned friends.

I'm gonna come right out and say I can match their behavior point-for-point with those of Christian soccer moms arguing against evolution on Facebook: the rabid hostility towards the outgroup, for instance, or the absolute security that their positions (even on really subjective, arbitrary things like jargon!) are morally self-evident. It gives me the fucking jibblies, the number of arguments I see shut down with thought-terminating cliches or pat answers that have nothing to do with the specific situation.

Oh, and I'd really like it to no longer be okay to make lazy generalizations about XY chromosome bearers as long as you roll your eyes and add a witty pop-culture reference to "NOT ALL MEN" to it kthx. I know it feels good, but every other fucking dogma in history has rationalized cruelty to others because It's Just Different This Time, so the very fact you even trust this urge makes me queasy.

And obligatory disclaimer: no matter how much I may get annoyed with overenthusiastic, undercritical young SJWs... I will never, ever hate them as much as I hate abusive machismo. Think of me as one of those anti-hero supervillains who will totally rally to your defense when the Earth is threatened by REAL monsters, only to part with a polite threat about what will happen next time we meet... :p

(*I know that may sound hypocritical. But do you REALLY want two volatile substances like me and them to mix? Me either.)

Date: 2014-12-19 07:50 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] glashund
You will probably not be surprised to hear I did a lot of nodding as I read this, and I beam sympathy and solidarity rays to you. *sqz* Back before I fled Twitter altogether, I used to employ a bit of custom CSS to erase the "who to follow" box from my feed, for very similar reasons.

Sorry for your frustration. You're not alone.

Date: 2014-12-19 08:18 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] xurnami
I found an interesting long piece about exactly this behavior you are discussing here. Amusingly, I found it through [ profile] ZJemptv linking to another article about trans stuff.

The long piece I linked has some interesting thoughts about this all which made me step back some to think about this behavior too. I also don't know if you read my own post about this on my own end. I personally blame the medium more than the message here but on the other side of that there is the fact this medium is the most popular one by far.

I just had a thought about an old joke that music gets "worse" and noiser because they are trying to replicate the sound of the medium in which they heard the music from. The people inspired by the Beatles heard it on LPs which adds its own noise. Those bands were on cassettes, then overly compressed CDs, ...

This makes me consider that this is a similar effect on political discourse.

Date: 2014-12-19 04:46 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] balinares
We need a proper SJW training ground. :) If you were to, say, create a subreddit for that purpose, I'd sign up in a heartbeat.

Sometimes, I wonder if maybe you forget that the reason you're in the top 99th percentile of rational debating skills is not just that you're uncommonly intelligent: you're also uncommonly knowledgeable about the countless failure modes of the human brain, and how to work around them. I for one would gladly learn from you more actively. ("What would Postvixen do" only gets you so far because the answer is generally "Say something thought-provoking in a witty and articulate manner", which is not easy to implement all on your own, as it turns out.)


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