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[a small androgynous figure in a lab coat, with red fur the color of fake cherry and a bandit mask the color of real cherry, squints up from their workbench and into the fish-eye of a ceiling-mounted camera lens]

Yeah, Kin, about that note in my tray... So we're doing this intro thing after all? Fine, who for?

["Miss Othmar" voice, i.e., several seconds of muted trombone, from a tinny speaker]

Really. Again. [sigh] Is this some kind of, yanno, primate thing? Seriously, like, one of you heard a wildebeest and now you all have to go running back to this place in a big herd...?

[louder, more insistent muted trombone]

Sure, okay. [looks up] Hi, I'm Jenna James Kirsch, lead engineer of QuunOps. So, we're a consortium of 321 imaginary procyonids, and we've been providing Kin's psychic build/repair and R&D functions going back to around 2013. Technically, though, we're subcontracting out to... uh... other parties. Let me check my NDA, before I get back to you on that. Uh, not sure I'm cleared to talk about the previous administration. It's cool, nothing too creepy, they just like to keep to themselves. [looks about warily; shields muzzle with a cupped workglove, mouths a mildly inappropriate slur about felines at the camera, and winks]

Let's see, my BA's in Neural Grafting, Arecibo Polytech. That's back on Merkur. Got my Masters from a graft--my own honors project, actually. Took pretty well. That's in Sapient Metamaterials. And my Ph.D. is in Memory Engineering, but I guess I blocked out where it's from. Presumably, I didn't have a very good time there. There's a lot missing, to be honest.

Most what we do here in QuunOps is an awful lot of drugs, and we do them very well. Not an amine, peptide, glutamate, or anandamide goes through our primate host's brain without our participation. That's how you can tell us from Kin's other personas. Elle swims in Kin's brain chemistry; Rezy bathes in it. The [DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS] hide in a bathysphere, and Laika just drowns her sorrows. But, you know, we're learning to surf on it, and I think that's why Kin still trusts us with her head, even if it does keep floating off. There's a lot missing, to be honest.

[Kirsch pauses and drums fingers reflectively on bench, staring absently for a moment]


[image in lens starts to separate with tacky analog SFX, bleeding out slightly into three pure-tinted layers whose respective raccoons speak out of synch, phantasmally overlapping each other with their wild gestures]

(α) What else. Dunno. I'm in procyonid haplogroup X5q1n1, probably explains why I'm a little fidgety. Sunsider-recessive, currently XX but thinking of having some more work done? I have a friend still in school who's doing 7ir honors genomics project, so. It's inspired by Tetrahymena thermophila genders, and if 7e can smuggle me out a retroinstaller, yeah, that's probably where I'm gonna go with it.

(β) What else. Dunno. I've just got the two smartgel matrix bodies at the moment, the "lime cream" one over there and this one, the "sour cherry." The green one's actually newer and I like it because it's quartzed hypromellose and totally vegan, and the cherry's just gelatin from Hermesthefuckknowswhere.

(γ) What else. Dunno. Oh, yeah. [undoes a set of four latches around their throat] I'm a second-generation Mad. I mean, this was my graduation present. [cups gloves against their cheeks and lifts slightly, pulling their head right off their shoulders, continuing to speak and emote unimpeded]

[three split color-films merge back into one; Kirsch twitches, stares, and froths for a moment]

It's happening again. I should get back to work.

But yeah. In conclusion, I have so many shinies in here. Life is pretty good.
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