Nov. 4th, 2014

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Still struggling to get back into the habit of putting random thoughts here instead of Twitter. But I think it's worth it, good for my social media habits and good for my attention span.

I still have a project on the backburner that's going to involve reading through all my old Livejournal entries and trying to make publishable essays out of whatever dross I find there. I'm not entirely looking forward to confronting myself circa 2003-2008, but maybe if I start with Noelle's journal it won't be so bad...

I found myself getting surprisingly incensed on the bus today, at what was essentially a Rime of the Ancient Mariner cosplayer. :p He made a comment "informing" some poor random kid about some beyond-trivial technicality of his bus fare. Then he used this total non-conversation as an inroad to chew the kid's ear off for the whole trip. Poor boy could not have been more than 20 years old, Archer T-shirt and thick glasses, look of abject introvert social terror when this guy would not shut up.

In retrospect, I really wish I'd had the time and nerve to interrupt the old fart and ask for the time. Maybe I could've saved the kid a few minutes trouble. He seemed like a nice guy and I would've been happy to take five minutes of aimless cootblather for him.

I know, I know, it sounds really mean. The old guy was obviously lonely and needed this. But I have a real pet peeve about people who won't respect other people's time, and I especially have a problem with people who habitually exploit other people's manners to steal attention. I just wanted so bad to bop this guy on the head and say, "Listen! This poor fella obviously does not give a ratfuck about one thing you're saying! Learn to Internet and find a chatroom, if you're so lonely."

I know that makes me a terrible person, but Jesus. That's exactly the sort of kindness these Men From Porlock exploit, and I've been the one sitting there feeling boxed in by some inappropriately friendly boor more times than I'd like. Respect some other people's goddamn social needs.
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Wow. Okay. I'm humbled, embarrassed, and so very relieved.

A couple of you might remember the "100 Reasons Why" post. I made a list of things that were going wrong in my life and totally wrecking my urge to give a shit about the future. That was March of 2003.

I think... like, five of them are still true and still hurt?

Thank you. This would not have happened without you lot. I really, really need to keep working on having a little faith in us.


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